when all the animals are dead


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As we leave behind the ruins of this planet, drifting through space towards our new home, we suffer from dreaming. With each generation, the nightmares get worse. They dance in the corners of our eyes, and flicker behind our eyelids - long blue shadows in the sunlight on the snow. We half remember them, the dead animals and insects of our home world. Singing, moaning, growling. In the quiet cold of space, they scream us to sleep.


We will be lonely
When they are gone.
We will be lonely
When they are dead.

I reach out to love you
But my hands are guns,
I reach out to touch you
But my fingers are knives,
I look at you with love
But my eyes are deadly lasers,

We will be lonely when they are gone.

Stretched out behind our eyelids
Blue shadows on grey snow
Sleeping in the stars we will be cold and lonely…

We will (in the quiet cold) be lonely (in the quiet cold)
When they (in the quiet cold) are gone (in the quiet cold, in the quiet cold)..

We will be lonely
When they are dead.
We will be lonely when they are gone.


from when all the animals are dead, released May 4, 2017
Written and Produced by: Laura Dickens
Vocals performed by: Laura Dickens
Mixing Engineer: Laura Dickens
Mastered Engineer: Sage Kim
Album Art: "Crossed" by Sheri Nault




LEUCROCUTA Toronto, Ontario

Leucrocuta is the name of a solo electronic music act based in Toronto.
The Leucrocuta is also a mythical beast capable of mimicking voices to lure prey.
Leucrocuta’s sci-fi inspired sounds play in the spaces between minimal dark-wave, synth-pop, ambient, and experimental electronic music.
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